12 Sep 2019

We have launched a lottery! "Prepare for even more cost-effective shopping at Park Bulvar!"

"From September 15 to December 25," our customers have the opportunity to win exciting prizes, including 10 bicycles (ISMA BIKE), 5 iPhones (ALMASTORE), 3 furniture sets (EMBAWOOD), and a grand prize of a 2019 ŠKODA KAROQ car with every purchase of 50 AZN or more! An individual wishing to participate in the lottery ("Participant") can enter by making a cumulative purchase of 50 AZN (over the entire lottery duration) at any store, entertainment venue, supermarket within the Park Bulvar shopping center, as well as at any cafe and restaurant situated in the food section (excluding payment terminals, banking services and parking). Ø Participant may make a single purchase of 50 AZN from one store or several purchases from different stores during the Lottery period, totaling 50 AZN. Ø Participant presents their proof of purchase (or receipts) at the information center in Park Bulvar and, in return, receives a lottery ticket. Ø Participant submits the receipt(s) totaling 50 AZN to the Lottery information center on Park Bulvar and requests 2 identical lottery tickets from the clerk. Ø Then the participant enters the name, surname, date of birth and mobile phone number(s) on both sides of the ticket. Ø The receipts are stamped to prevent reuse and then returned to the Participant.1st Draw: Drawing date for the prize pool: November 1, 2019. 2nd Draw: Drawing date for the prize pool: December 25, 2019. Lottery conditions.

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